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Tasting adventure in cēsis

We are extremely happy that we live in Cēsis - such a historic city!

Therefore, we are proud to present our favourite route through Cesis. In the course of the excursion, we will introduce the mighty history of Cēsis, we will look at noteworthy buildings and objects, and most importantly - we will visit entrepreneurs who are actively operating and developing businesses in Cēsis. For example, in the cosy bakery "Cēsu maize" with Agnis and taste organic bread, in "Labas Saknes" we will learn the basic principles of healthy nutrition and lifestyle, taste healthy snacks, and instead of coffee, in "Melnais Gulbis" we will learn the secrets of coffee and enjoy a delicious beverage.

You guessed right - this will be an adventure for all your taste buds. And we guarantee that you will not regret a single bite!
Route length: 3km
Duration of the route: 3 h
Cost for one hiker: 30 EUR (excursion guide and tastings in the above-mentioned places are included in the price)

Meet the region of cēsis

One day in the region of Cēsis with the nature guide Sigita.

During the excursion, we will strengthen our bodies with health-promoting physical activities in the Eagle Cliffs, enjoy the baking of pies and a lunch treat prepared by the hostesses in the Bread house, and participate in a workshop in the birthplace of the most famous rebel of the last century, Eduards Veidenbaums, in Kalači.

The tour is suitable for different age levels of knowledge and skills.

The plan of the diverse, delicious, exploratory and unifying one-day adventure (6h):
1. Creativity awakening workshop at Eduard Veidenbaum Museum "Kalači" (1.5h)
2. 15 min transfer
3. Baking sweet and salty pies and/or enjoying lunch in the Bread house (1.5h)
4. 20 min transfer
5. Activities for recharging physical energy and positive emotions in Eagle Rocks (1.5h)

The number of participants:
minimum 15, maximum 40 persons

The events can be enjoyed with funding from the Latvian school bag

For groups of students, 2 teachers participate free of charge


A walk along the right bank of the Amata River, during which you will see fabulous rocks and hidden caves.
We will start the hike at the Zvārte rock information centre. We will go to the "Veclauču bridge" and then back.

The magnificent shores of the Amata River open up unseen views, which are hidden in the forest path and can only be seen when you go out into nature and look for them. We will look at such rocks as "Vizbulīši rock, "Vanagu" rock and others. On the way back, it is also possible to climb the mighty "Zvārtes rock".

After the exploratory hike, we will enjoy a picnic of exquisite tastes - a picnic/restaurant in nature, which will be prepared for us by the farm "Kalna Paltes".

The hike and picnic are environmentally friendly.
Length of the hike: approximately 7 km
Duration of the hike: approximately 3 hours

When applying, please indicate if you have any preferences regarding the choice of meal (whether you are a carnivore, vegan or vegetarian).

Minimum number of participants: 8
[email protected] or by calling 29109965


A magical sunset in Cēsis - you have to see it!
Let's go through the paths and paths in the city of Cēsis to see and learn about the past and the present.

Let's learn the stories of the houses and the secrets of the courtyards of the small charming houses.

Route ~ 3km

SPAs of Cēsis

Let's go on an exploratory walk through the streets and paths from Cēsis to Gauja river and enjoy nature.

Cēsis has been a recreation, resort and sanatorium town since the 19th century. beginning, which was special and famous even in distant Petersburg - you will learn that and much more by participating in this excursion.

At Gauja river, we will enjoy a picnic table prepared by "Kalna Paltes" from fresh farm products.

Eco-friendly hike
Length 8 km
Duration 4 hours

The participation fee is 25 euros, price includes a hiking guide and lunch market in Gaujamla.

An exciting and delicious day in Rauna.

An exploratory hike to Rauna's column - viewing the unique limestone and the magic of the springs will not leave any traveller indifferent.

✔️We will visit Raunas Velnala, a sandstone outcrop near the Dzirnava pond. We will also visit the ancient mound of Tanis, learn about the area's history, and enjoy nature.
✔️Let's visit the pasta factory "Siera ražotne" and learn how pasta is made in Latvia.
✔️Raunas ceplis - we will visit the owners in the pottery workshop and charming farmstead. Let's find out how earthenware is made and how bricks were baked in the past.
✔️At the end of the day, you can visit the unique home restaurant Kalna Paltes, where you can enjoy a 3-course dinner in nature.

The hike is planned for ~ 5km, ~ 2 hours, suitable for families and children.
29109965; [email protected].

Tasting adventure in raiskums

Hike, excursion and tastings in Raiskums.

Did you know that the movie "Limousine in the Colour of Midsummer's Eve" was shot directly in Raiskum? Did you know that a village with less than 200 inhabitants has its own brewery, bakery, Chinese restaurant, priest's hill and an ancient tree-lined alley, included in the European list of protected alleys? And you will be able to learn many more interesting things by joining us.

On this excursion, we will visit the workshop of Raiskuma goods "Raiskumietis", where beer is produced according to ancient recipes, and country bread is baked in a wood-fired oven as the smoked meat is. After the excursion, we will taste delicacies and go to explore Raiskuma and manor park. A walk around the beautiful Raiskuma lake, we will visit the filming locations of the movie "Limousine in Midsummer's Eve".

Hike ~ 9km, light loads

Included in price:
*tour guide
*excursion at the brewery "Raiskumietis"
*production tasting
*table reservation on the terrace of the restaurant Raiskuma cafe (on request)

! If you want to give "Izgaršo Raiskumu" as a gift, you can buy a gift card and leave the choice of date up to the recipient of the gift

*If none of the dates and times matches your plans, contact us so we can offer you a convenient time

*We organize excursions for your birthday party or work team

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