Cēsis is a wonderful city in Latvia, on the Vidzeme highlands. Full of ancient surprises, modern inspiration, Cēsis is truly a great city to explore and wonderful holiday destination.


It is no secret that Latvia is a beautiful country. With wonderful forests to hide into, with fields for the winds to run, beautiful coastlines, lakes and cities to explore.

And Cēsis is no exception - from the historical old town, the mountainous area and up to the majestic Gauja - there is so much to see, learn and experience!


Cesis is definitely the capital of culture. In all four seasons, there will be good things to do and beautiful places to see. When you want to relax from walks, we recommend visiting the cinema, concert hall, restaurants, and to enjoy the Cēsis Art Festival in the summer and to go to Žagarkalns in winter.


Cēsis is only 90 km away from Riga and You can reach us in just a half an hour going by car. There are also trains from Riga and Valga in Estonia to Cesis. The city has a developed bus transport system, where local buses run not only within the city but also connect the closest parishes. The frequency of intercity buses allows you to plan your city visit freely. Transport schedules are available here: 1188.lv